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Exams are fianlly over. lols. =D i'm so tired during these days. cant even have enough sleep. today after school actually is going to wenjun's house to watch scary movie 4 de. but her dad at house so i dun wan go le. lols. took 300 home with wenjun and alight at sunshine place and yunling also alight at the same stop as me. then she ask me to accompany her to buy her duck wingg ricee ~ lols. after that went home, online a while and went to sleep till 6+ (: really tired.

Exams are really sucks lar -.- what to say ? I never study for the last 2 days which is the Geography, POA and DNT. waahaaa. see what marks i get bah. i dun wan to talk abt exams le.

2 weeks to hols ! which is what i really wanted. can sleep whole day =D and i wanted to thanks ppl who tagged at my tag board =D it would be replied at the end of the post.

Wenjun !! she is doing her blog now. cool right ? jiayou in doing yur blog.

something lame =D
LOVE Yellow band kias
LOVE Nosees, Wavees, Booes
LOVE Pantix
LOVE Harsboys
LOVE MR gay, MRS gay, MDM gay
LOVE Rebir7h
LOVE Lor mee kia, Lor mee, Mee pok

A picture to be remembered. Our dear SEAN. ahahahahahaaha =D well, last time i post this pic before le. and many ppl like it ! so i'm so kind to post it again. ENJOYY ~

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MDMGAY: woots. first to reply mdm gay XD you can show off now. ZONGWEIIS: LOLS. yea (: JASMINE: lols. thanks for tagging so much. thanks lormee. haha. PASSERBY: thanks, and thanks for tagging. CHRIS: lols, me and med really no tong nian. we don't even know the flower inside got the honey lar -.- haha. HUIJUN: haha. thanks for taggin. JIDAN: yea exams sucks !! MRGAY: oh, mrs gay told me that she just finished her exams =D WENJUN: thanks thanks. swensen and 1 day lot one. CHARLOTTE: mad mad mad. KAILENG: i never change blogskin since that time you tagged. haha. yeah jasmine rocks ! HELMI: thanks thanks. LIDONG: haha. thankss. JUZ: yea!! i'll keep going to yur blog and TAG haha. MISSJOJO: miss yar too. (: JOCELYNSEOW: yeah. mdm gay is so disgusting !! haha. DEMO: NERD RULES (: BENTOH: lols. i never study that much lar -.- thanks for taggin. MED: wahaha. =D

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