10:19 PM

Today there is attire and hair check in the morning. errr. is Mr teo checking then i was the only one in the class who get caught for my hair.

Recess was cleaning the canteen then Ms sng suddenly for no reason check hair again? Errr this time is a lot people get caught. got err. Me, Lidong, Randy zhang, Gordon, Zibing, Jingyuan, Yewaik, Samuel, Yunlong, Zongwei, Weikang and Guowei. LOL. i think thats all =.=

I'm not going to have a hair cut today although she is checking tomorrow. I'll cut on weekend! :D Well, Lidong they all want late tmr and ask me late with them! See how tmr bah! =/

I knew it was coming but i didn't realise it was that fast.
what kind of friends are you all? ask yourself. :D

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