I don't want to go blind!

12:12 AM

Hello everyone!

You know previously I had this project on Visual Poetry right! 

After that presentation, me together with Rainbow went to Ang Mo Kio there to have steamboat!!

Its really awesome.. BUT NOW WE'VE GOT PROJECTS AGAIN!
(as mentioned in the previous entry)


anyway here are some photos taken..

Guixin was really nice, she took out the prawn shell for me :D

All of us!

and thanks to Hazel for consistently helping me to take food because I did not wear my contact lens that day!

I think I've got eye infection already!!!!!!! 

My eyes were red everyday! I think that box of acuvue lenses I bought was spoilt lor! The lenses will like keep coming out of my eyes!

I don't know whether if the lenses did cut my eye or not cause it was seriously painful!!!!! 

Now that I've change to another brand, its okay already but everyday my eyes will be very painful, itchy and it would also turn red!


Something random, here are the animated photos of Rainbow.. 

Think it was taken when Semester 2 just started..

So here is the Visual Poetry video that I did with my partner, Fidy:

Quality on Youtube is just not good!


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