Just a short one

2:10 PM


Hmm. Few weeks back, I went for the Nuffnang Blood Donation Drive and here are some of the photos taken!

Me and my brother

We had games to play too!

Hahah! Look, I'm at the back with my partner Fidelis! :P

With Nadnut and Fidelis

Lastly, N for Nuffnang! 

*Credit to Nadnut's blog for the photos.

Anyway, that day I couldn't donate blood because they said that I was under 18 and need my parent's consent. I didn't know so too bad! But my brother did donated! 

If you haven't seen him on the news, check this out! :D

And you see a little bit of me in the Channel 8 news at the back part of the video! Hahaha.


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