Not happy? I'm chao ah beng!

8:28 AM


You must be wondering why i put that title for this entry!

That is because...

you remember there was this period whereby I didn't really update my blog? For like almost 1 month?

I became a CHAO AH BENG!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Yes, na bei.. you where not happy???


SEE. I GOT PIERCING. 3 SOMEMORE! Eh actually is 4 cause tongue also got. Hahaha!

Yiling and Guixin. My gang one! :P

Heres a fuck you _l_ to you all!!!!!!!!!! 

Not happy with me is it?????

Heres a video to show you guys!!!!!!!! 

* Negative comments on my friends would be deleted straight away cause they're just acting with me. Go ahead and try me... I'm a CHAO AH BENGSXZXZ!!! *

Goodbye! :D

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