Singtel Youth Strikeback!

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How are you all? I feel like changing my phone already! Need some intros from you guys! Anyway, here to intro back you guys something!

Anyway, I was wondering if you guys know about the SingTel Mobile Youth Plans.. Am I asking the obvious? Cause I believe most of you guys should know about it already!

As you know, everyday as I travel to school.. The journey is really long but I always get to go online to get myself occupied and the next thing I know, I've already reached my destination! Haha!

Okay! Back to talking about the SingTel Mobile Youth Plan..

Basically its just a plan that offers..

Picture 3

As I'm currently studying at Nanyang poly.. I can enjoy making Free Campus Call to my friends outside from my institution! :D

Just to let you all know.. Youth benefits are now available on 3G Flexi Youth and iFlexi Youth Plans with 12Gb of data usage! Thats like really a lot!! I can surf all I want!!!!! Muahaha!

It's so much better now cause previously SingTel Youth Plan benefits does not extend to 3G Flexi Youth and iFlexi Youth plans!


You guys might be thinking what is 3G Flexi Youth and iFlexi Youth plans?

3G Flexi Youth Plan is for smartphone users (excluding Blackberry) while iFlexi Youth plan is for iPhone users!

Here are some of the benefits!

As mentioned earlier, there is 12gb of data usage! The plan has a capped data usage at $30, which means once you go over the limit of 12GB, it will cap at $30 no matter how much you use it! And yup, this is applicable for both iFlexi Youth & 3G Flexi Plans!


You can also have access to AMPed! You can have unlimited music downloads with NO data charges from AMPed Music Store! (applicable for both iFlexi Youth & 3G Flexi Plans!)

Picture 5

You can be in the trend and have all the latest released songs and enjoy them while on the go!
What's great about this is you can even download, own and share 15 songs every month! Wow! (P/s: Music is really important when traveling! :P)


Not forgetting, you can have access to MobileTV (applicable for iFlexi Youth Plans only) and that includes channels like CNA, Bloomberg, Channel 8, Football Frenzy!

Why rush home to catch your favorite TV programs when you can watch it on your phone? I can just watch it on the train when I'm going back home even if I can't reach home on time! Really convenient!


There is also Bridge Dataroam for iFlexi Youth Plans!

Basicially its a unlimited service at $20/day Which is inclusive of 8 destinations like..

(Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia)

If you are thinking that doing all the above mentioned will cost you a bomb.. Nope! Cause now with an affordable plan like 3G Flexi, or iFlexi, with data capped at S$30, you can do all your Facebook and Youtube etc. anywhere and anytime you want!

So after knowing how SingTel Mobile Youth Plan will benefit us, do visit any SingTel shop or for more details if you're interested okay!

See yah! :-)

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