A short update

4:56 PM

Going to do a short update since I've got the time!

Anyway, the thought of going back to work on Monday really makes me moody but.. sigh, its just life right!

Going to update stuffs that happened ages ago! I just want to update all the events that I find it worth recording down so I'm not just going to update all the latest stuffs yet but soon!

Bro's Passing out parade!

Like this photo a lot!

All of us!

I cannot imagine if its me in 2011/2012?! Never mind, the world is going to end in 2012 anyway!


But I don't want to die while serving National Service!


BFF's 18th Birthday!

Birthday boy and the tired me!

Pretty Yiling!

She is the one that got into the same course with me from our secondary school but she quitted in year 2..

Time flies and I'm already in my 3rd year!

All my secondary school friends! Did a lot of catching up!

Going to end this entry with...

Sean and Jingyuan!

My really good friends in secondary school!

We called ourself ''Jiao zhu'' back then.. Show you guys the picture we took and edited way back in 2007!


Edit 8

HAHAHAHA! I'm the leader of the group hor!

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