Krabi Phuket Trip

9:15 PM

Hello all!

If you've been following me on my social media platform like Twitter (@randyys) & Instagram (@randyys), you should have known that I went to Krabi and Phuket recently!

So yes! I'm really excited to blog about this and I must thank Chan Brothers for this sponsored trip! It was an eye opener for me as it was my virgin trip to Thailand!

Do read till the end of the entry as there will be a super awesome video (edited by yours truly lol) summarizing this Krabi and Phuket trip! Must watch!

Ben bro and me at Changi Airport! #BenRanAway FTW! Hahaha!

On the way to Krabi! The flight took about an hour plus only!

Landed in Krabi with our Eastpak luggage! Ben and I have 1 of the luggage each! Love the design! The backpack that I'm carrying is also from Eastpak!


- DAY 1 -

So before we checked into our hotel, we went to tour around some of Krabi's attractions!

We visited the Tiger Cave Temple!

Next to the Tiger Cave Temple was the Chinese Building!

Any idea what does this mean? Haha!

Before we left, we came across all these colorful flags and it was actually donation made by people to the building of Tiger Cave Temple.

We donated too!


It was lunch time! Tried out their duck noodles and seafood fried rice! (didn't take photo of the seafood fried rice though)

After that, we went to Krabi Mall! The only shopping mall in Krabi!


Arrived at our hotel! Mercure Krabi Deevana!

Waiting to check in!

Love our room! Do you know why?

Because... there is a pool just right outside our balcony! Awesome or what?


Walked around the streets of Krabi and there were lots of shops targeted for tourists!

The weather was SO hot that day!

So we decided to go to this restaurant to eat!

This watermelon ice really saved my day lol

Before heading back to our hotel, we also tried some of the street stalls like Phad Thai and pancakes. I really like their Phad Thai!!!


- DAY 2 -

We had the 4-island tour (Phi Phi island) and we get to Snorkel!

Lets go!


Ben busy taking photos of the scenery!

Check out the amount of people on the different islands!

With Ben bro!

Love the clean beach and clear blue water :)

Some photos that I posted on my Instagram!

Me snorkeling with the tiger fishes haha!

The day ended with me being super sun burnt lol!


- DAY 3 -

Boarded the ferry and left Krabi for Phuket! Wooo!

So nice!

Lol me feeling a lil scared that I might fall off the ferry hahahaha!


Reached our hotel! Phuket Mecure Deevana!

View from our balcony!


For my stay in Phuket, I think it is more of a food tasting experience! Get to eat all their local food which is really good!

Pineapple Fried Rice!


Sticky Mango Rice!

Their night life there is really happening! Hard Rock Cafe!

Street performance!


- DAY 4 -

The last day in Phuket! We had our final activity before leaving Phuket which was....

Elephant Trekking!

It was my first time on an elephant!

The guy who helped us to take the photos was really good haha!

Feeding the elephants bananas!

A photo with the elephant! Don't know why am I standing so far away from the elephant hahaha!


Flew back to Singapore after the elephant ride :(

Really enjoyed my trip in Krabi and Phuket! Thank you Chan Brothers!

Good bye!




Do vote for our video at HERE and you can stand a chance to win $100 Chan Brothers Travel Voucher and other prizes!

Good bye!

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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog ! The pictures were professionally taken ! So exciting !

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog , everything is organized and the photos are professionally taken ! I got excited :P

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog , everything is organized + the photos were professionally taken ! so exciting :D

  4. Hi Randy.. your blog has awesome pictures. I really liked them. I liked the fact that you told the whole story with pictures and minimized the content as many people don't like to read too much. I have been to Phuket myself and came up with a blog myself. But my focus was to provide content and information to people so that it could help them in planning their trip.

    I really admire your blog specially the video. Great work

  5. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Love your first hotel room - really awesome. Looks just like it is out of a catalog. Where did you find it? Is it bookable on travel sites or only by a travel agent? Thinking about visiting Thailand since quite a while and I think this would be quite the right accommodation.
    Great time - I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed watching the pictures.

  6. nice blog about thailand. thank for sharing

  7. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Nice blog, I read it and enjoyed very much. Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures.Luxury villas Thailand

  8. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Hi, how Phuket Mecure Deevana? :)

  9. Very beautiful pictures. Keep sharing post like this. While you are there, don’t forget to miss out on the Old Phuket Town. Other notable attractions include Big Buddha, Phi Phi Island, Trick Eye Museum and a lot more. Choose from the vast number of Phuket Tour Packages and make a choice based on your budget and preferences.

  10. Awesome Pics, I Like It Very Much. Visit Thailand.

  11. Beautiful, a must visit place :)
    Its a very good country to visit with friend and family. if u visit with friend for fun than go to Pataya for boom boom and if u go with family for relaxing than go to phuket.

  12. Amazing Trip..!!! Hope you enjoyed a lot... Phuket is best place for visiting... All the pictures are perfectly clicked and beautiful.. thanks for sharing these with us...