Graduation Family Photoshoot - Joyous Asia

8:25 PM

I've officially graduated from my degree course! - Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Graphic Communication.

Thinking back, I ORD-ed from the army in August 2013 and had my convocation on September 2014. Time really flies!

I'm glad I made a group of close friends from my degree course and also get to travel all the way to England! Best trip ever!

Coincidentally, me and my brother Ben graduated in the same year! I hope our parents are happy that both of us finished our degrees!


Both Ben and I decided to have our graduation family photos taken with my parents and grandparents! We had our family photos taken over at Joyous Asia!

Joyous Asia is located at One Sims Lane!

The backdrop for our photoshoot!

Grandma helping grandpa to wear his blazer and getting ready! :)

Maternal grandparents!

My grandma from my father's side!


Check out the final photos taken!

One photo with the family!

With my maternal grandparents!

With my paternal grandmother!

I love how all my grandparents looked so good in the photos! I really hope they are happy with the photos! :)

Our Family Portrait is 20R and the other 4 photos are 8R portrait on wooden board.


If you are wondering where to take your family portrait, you can definitely consider Joyous Asia. Joyous Asia is the only studio in Singapore that allows their client to each choose their best face to be digitally edited into one family portrait!

Their prices for the family portrait are pretty reasonable too!

For our followers, do quote TypicalBen/Randy and get $50 off your family portraits!

I know that every children wants to do this for their parents and I'm sure the parents will feel proud for their kids! :)

I would want to thank Joyous Asia for the great photoshoot experience over at the studio and also providing us with the photos!



One Sims Lane,
No. 1 Sims Lane, #04-04
Singapore 387355

Phone: +65 68447142

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  1. Annie3:33 AM

    Congratulations on graduating!!

  2. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Hello, may I know if ties and blazers are available at the studio for men?

    1. Hello! Yes they do! :) You can make a call and check with them too!

  3. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Thank you for the reply! Sure, I'll make sure I give them a call to check with them! :)